Why is Incredicreds so Incredible?

Quickly Complete Credentialing Paperwork For Your Dentist with Mulitple Insurances within Minutes. After that, we do the tracking

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Less Paperwork
More Dentistry

Incredicreds is a small yet powerful web tool for all your credentialing needs.

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Large Group, Single or Multi-Practice Credentialing

We have created a customized user experience with a software built to be an incredible advantage to you, your practice or large group.

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What We Do

Incredicreds provides dental offices the ability to sign up to be an in-network dental provider for multiple insurance companies at the same time. Through our cloud-based service, dental offices can save time by not having to fill out multiple forms for different insurance companies. different insurance companies. Once forms are filled and confirmed, we do the tracking!

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Using a computer or tablet from any location, fill out basic information just once!

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Status updates regarding your credentialing progress in real time

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Seamless and Secure Interface for uploading all necessary documents

How We Work


Industry innovators from day One

We worked with many dental offices across the nation to create an application that is straight-forward to use, and gets the job done. We are constantly learning and finding new ways to improve Incredicreds so that we can improve your experience.


Easy Access

Cloud Based system allows accessiblity any time from anywhere.


No More Looking for Lost Paperwork

All Documents Stored Securely and Safely For Easy Access Whenever from Wherever


Flexible Payment Options

Yearly access payable on a monthly or annual basis


No Insurance Company Restrictions

Our software allows for credentialing to any and all insurance companies.


Increase your Patient Base

Save Time Doing Less Paperwork, Do More Dentistry, Make more Money


Track the Progess of Application Status

Dashboard User Interface shows progress of application and date completed

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We aim to deliver professional and efficient solutions for all credentialing needs.

Maximize practice growth and profits by credentialing with multiple insurance companies all with a click of a button. We offer applications with every insurance company nationwide.

What People are Saying about Incredicreds

Our Creativity and Unique Approach are the key to the success of our business.

Dr. C. Ray Coleman Co-Founder of Incredicreds

Incredicreds software, by far, has saved me the most time doing paperwork in the office hands down!

Marie, office manager Oral Surgeon's Office, Arizona

I help run a large practice with multiple dentists at multiple locations. This software has gotten rid of the redundancy of filling out forms over and over. I Love Incredicreds!

Erin - Credentialing Specialist Utah based DSO