Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will I have to fill out each of the insurance paperwork forms individually?

    No! We will send you an information gathering form that will collect 95% of the information needed for all of the insurance companies you want to apply to! Once we have this information we will fill out all the forms for you!

  • Are the forms filled out by hand or are they typed up before they are sent?

    All information is typed on the forms before they are sent. Nothing is handwritten by our team.

  • How are documents sent and received?

    When an insurance company asks for a DEA, License or Malpractice certificate, we collect those securely through our software or through a secure email transfer.

  • How do the dentist sign the documents?

    Depending on the requirement of the insurance company, we utilize electronic signatures when possible. If a wet signature is required then the applications are emailed to be signed and mailed back.

  • Are you able to apply to all insurance companies or are there only a select few with which we are able to be credentialed and re-credentialed with your company?

    We have the ability to credential your office with any and all insurance companies. We also have the ability to have forms updated in our system as insurance companies change their required documents. There is no limit on the companies to which you may apply.

  • How often do you follow up with the insurance companies once the documents are submitted?

    Our team follows up a minimum of 2 times per week to determine updates on progress of applications that are processing. There is usually a need for correspondence more often than this and each instance is documented.

  • Am I able to see the details of the correspondence with the insurance company and how often it has occurred?

    Yes! We have the ability to email you detailed updates if you would like to see what may or may not be holding up the credentialing process.

  • How long does it typically take to credential a dentist with your service?

    The entire process from start to finish on average takes anywhere from 4 - 16 weeks. The difference is dependent on the insurance company to which you choose to apply. Our service incorporates the reduction in time up front for filling out the multiple applications and making sure nothing is missing from the initial sending. In addition, we provide the service of following up and checking in on companies consistently to make sure the process moves forward as quickly as possible.

  • Are you able to make a confirmation that the dentist is in fact in network with the insurance companies and that the process is complete?

    Our team follows up until the process is complete. We ask that, when possible, there is a form confirming their acceptance into the insurance companies provider panel!